ORIGINAL | 1:52 -- Director: Matthijs van Heijningen
(Responsible for cloud sequences.)
SAMSUNG “Do What You Can't” [1:30] 

Director : Matthijs Van Heijningen | MJZ LA 
Agency : Leo Bunett Chicago 
VFX Studio : MPC 
Executive Producer : Karen Anderson 
Creative Director: Michael Gregory 
VFX Supervisor: Diarmid Harrison Murray 
Sr Compositor: Gustavo Bellon 
CG Supervisor, clouds sequence only: Ryan McDougal 
Sr FX Artists, clouds only: Alvaro 
Lighting Artist, clouds only: Brendon Eschner 
Lighting Artist, device only: Dominic Edwards
Layout/camera: Brendon Eschner & Ryan Mcdougal 
Colorist : Mark Gethin 
Producer : Nicole Saccardi, Tomek Zietkiewicz 
Associate Producer : Dori Sharvit
:90 commercial
3D contribution :: VFX Supervisor, Head of CG

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