Use of actor in a gray fat suit for composition, general placement, performance consideration and lighting cues. Helmet with "antennas" was fitted so that the actual height of 7 - 7'6" of the elephant could be considered properly for the space and for framing.

Director: Wayne McClammy
EP: Karen Anderson
VFX Supervision/3D: Ryan McDougal 
VFX Supervision/2D: Ben Davidson
Shoot Supervision: Paul O'Shea & Ryan McDougal
CG Supervision: Ryan McDougal
Animation: Ty Coyle & Keith SintayAdditional Animation: Andrew Price
Compositors: Oliver Caiden, Fabrizio Ghiso Additional compositing: Ryan McDougal
Lead Lighting: Kyung Park
Additional lighting: Dominic Edwards, Ryan McDougal
Elephant Look Development Shading: Rune Mansson
Elephant Texturing: Jessica Groom
Lead Hair Groom: Jessica Groom
Hair TD : Brendon Echsner
FX TD : Brendon Eschner
Lead Elephant Modeler/Concept Development Modeler: Anastasios Gionis
Additional Elephant Modeling: Rodrigo Carrasco
Photoscan Construction & Cleanup: Rodrigo Carrasco
Tattoo Design Color & Inking: Dana DiGioia
Animation Supervision: Ryan McDougal
Rigger: George Saavedra
Tracking & Matchmove: MPC Bangalore
:15 commercial - 6 of 9 in a series
3D contribution :: CG supervision, Animation Supervision, Lighting
2D Contribution :: Shoot Supervision, Comp Supervision

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