MAIN ON ENDS | [2:00]
Director: Rob Letterman
Studio : Sony Pictures Animation + Scholastic 
Music: Danny Elfman
VFX Studio : MPC Creative
End Titles Director/Creative Director: Eric Anderson
Editor: Eric Anderson
EP: Mike Wigart 
Art Director: Casey McIntyre
Animatic Supervisor/Motion Graphic Supervisor: Jonathan Ficcadenti
VFX/CG Supervisor: Ryan McDougal 
2D Lead:  Toma Bowen
Producer: Whitney Gearin
Concept Design : Casey McIntyre, Cecilia Lee, Jonathan Ficcadenti
Compositors: Toma Bowen, Dylan Brown, James Stellar, Clement Renaudin, Ryan McDougal
Lighting: Clement Renaudin, Brendon Echsner, Tim Kafka, Ryan McDougal, Asher Stusek
Look Dev/Shading/Texturing: Asher Stusek, Clement Renaudin, Ryan McDougal, Tim Kafka, Brendon Echsner, Brian Broussard
FX : Nate Lapinski
Rigger: Ian Wilson
Animator: Ian Wison
Matte Painting: Bangalore MPC
Character Rigging : Vancouver MPC
Character Modeling & Design : Vancouver MPC
Prop and Environment Modeling: Asher Stusek, Bangalore MPC
[2:00] end credit sequence| | feature film
3D contribution :: VFX supervision, CG supervision, lighting, shading
2D contribution :: comp supervision, compositing


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